A Toast, To Friendship

Important: This is a short story set in the world of our unpublished novel, "Delirium." following a group of side-characters who play a crucial role in the main story. “Here, it’s just up the stairs and around the corner.” Hime chirped loudly, competing with the noise of the club as she bounced up the steps... Continue Reading →

Second Date

Ruby panted and puffed as she made her best effort to keep pace with her hiking partner. Marissa wasn’t too far ahead of her at the moment, but the trails where snakey and Ruby was deathly afraid of losing sight of her guide.  I need to keep up. She told herself silently, She can’t know... Continue Reading →


Build me a pyre, one grand enough to kiss the sun; immolate me in Prometheus’s flame. Sacrifice the sum of my mistakes, lies untold, a cowardly child, hardened by tectonic pressure. Something better lies inside, packed in straw and wool, layer on layer, set in clay and dried in the blistering heat of a supernova;... Continue Reading →


They come to me imperfect, fractured visions of gold and silver. A road leading to emerald; this world became fantasy long ago. Pilfered by bandits in three-piece suits, devoid of reason, keeping score for fun, killing without notice, consuming the Earth to feed a tyrant’s appetence. They stand on this rock, hurdling through the cosmos... Continue Reading →

Blur and Bleach

A prophet speaks with a jackal’s tongue cackling on high as a crowd gathers from Babylon to Xi’An. The children of Blur and Bleach, souls adrift in the matrix, toss earlobes and eyelids into unrelenting streams. Lepers paying pittance to their chosen saint, beg for an audience, so they might tear their saviour, limb from... Continue Reading →


Witness me, as I am. Expose  this fragile vessel,  wet mud, kiln-baked  clay. Weathered hands, crafting lips and fingers, toes, tongue and teeth; blood beneath flesh, revealed with open palm. Flush. Heat. Come a little closer. Breathe me. A musk among lavender. Lizard brain; Feed, Fuck, Kill. Chemical eruption, neuron  storm mainlining dopamine. Your carnivore... Continue Reading →


A soldier lays dying, hemorrhaging despair enough to smother the sun. A thick, vile ichor rupturing from a wound that never healed. The stench of ash, a sour cocktail of copper and terrafirma coating the mouth. Et perit spes nostra. Anon an angel, a Valkyrie, the seraph of ardour. Mercy incarnate on torn and scarred... Continue Reading →

Toxoplasma Gondii

Rotten, wretched, spite-filled parasite. Have you no shame? Lounging in the hippocampus, feasting on grey matter, growing fat while I decay. Spewing toxins into blood, you putrify the body we share. Little worm, constantly consuming, critiquing, cultivating your cacodoxy; our confluence was years ago, an irreversible bonding of polarized ions. But dear I fear you’ve... Continue Reading →


The broken light of morning dawn, children’s laughter and the promise of a new day. My mother’s voice, advice; the sound of her tears. The feel of a knife through flesh, through fruit, through bone, a vital separation of things. Juvenile dreams of a better world, technicolour rainbows bleeding into the sidewalk where strangers first... Continue Reading →

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