Witness me,

as I am. Expose 

this fragile vessel, 

wet mud, kiln-baked 

clay. Weathered hands,

crafting lips and fingers,

toes, tongue and teeth; blood

beneath flesh, revealed with open

palm. Flush. Heat. Come a little closer.

Breathe me. A musk among lavender. Lizard

brain; Feed, Fuck, Kill. Chemical eruption, neuron 

storm mainlining dopamine. Your carnivore howls. Discover

me. Curious fingers seeking God within, slipping between cracks,

imperfections we hide beneath our masks. Go deeper. Claws. Fangs. Reave

flesh from my bones; this body is yours. Just a little closer still. Suffer hope and history

to ever-hungry now. Taste me, bittersweet seed of life. Nirvana in a heartbeat. Breast rising 

to fall with the tides. Closer. Deeper. Dragged inside a pool of you, drowning in your essence

as cries become harmony. Faster. Lost in our transcendence. Discard the notion of I, reach apex 

as we. 

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