A Neurological Examination of “A Beautiful Mind”

1. In the movie, Nash consistently experiences visual hallucinations. In real life, this was not the case. Please describe which type of hallucinations are the most common in adult-onset schizophrenia. Which regions of the brain are believed to be involved in auditory hallucination (be specific)? Hallucinations are a key feature of schizophrenia, affecting as many... Continue Reading →

P.H.S. Community Services v. Canada

Introduction P.H.S. Community Services v. Canada is a fascinating and nuanced legal case wherein the Supreme Court of Canada examined the jurisdictional boundaries of sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act, as well as the limitations of interjurisdictional immunity. In 2008, Insite, a provincially run safe-injection site for intravenous drug users in British Columbia... Continue Reading →

Treating Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder is an incredibly problematic issue for clinicians who work with children due to its harmful nature and difficulty regarding treatment (Evans, 2010). Ongoing and persistent treatment is required to prevent further behavioral issues, in addition to assistance and education for parents and/or guardians, teachers and counselors who interact with the child on a... Continue Reading →

A Limitless Illiberal Crusade

In Morgenthau's Six Principles of Foreign Policy, he warned of the dangers that might arise from policy rooted in morality. He suggested that international moral crusades could become unlimited in scope and scale, drawing America into a state of perpetual intervention. He was also an early detractor of the Vietnam war, seeing it as a... Continue Reading →

Anti-Semitism and the Weaponization of whiteness

In Anti-Semite and Jew, Sartre claims that “anti-Semitism is an attempt to give value to mediocrity as such”, in that it is an all-encompassing ideology that defines the way that the anti-Semite sees himself, society and the people around him. Their worldview is clearly defined by hatred, inadequacy and fear, actively discouraging the pursuit of... Continue Reading →

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