A Toast, To Friendship

Important: This is a short story set in the world of our unpublished novel, "Delirium." following a group of side-characters who play a crucial role in the main story. “Here, it’s just up the stairs and around the corner.” Hime chirped loudly, competing with the noise of the club as she bounced up the steps... Continue Reading →

Second Date

Ruby panted and puffed as she made her best effort to keep pace with her hiking partner. Marissa wasn’t too far ahead of her at the moment, but the trails where snakey and Ruby was deathly afraid of losing sight of her guide.  I need to keep up. She told herself silently, She can’t know... Continue Reading →

Pope Juana Maria Saves the World

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was a visionary feminist mind, born centuries before her time and largely ignored by the Eurocentricized annals of history. She wrote about intersectionality, serviceability and preached radical ecofeminism before any of those were even named concepts. And yet because Sister Juana suffered the same fate as many early feminists,... Continue Reading →

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